Miri is a performance-driven professional with over 10 years of digital marketing, e-commerce, and creative experience across CPG, cosmetics, and fashion retail in the US and Israel. Miri’s creative background allows her to tackle the traditional acquisition and retention cycle with a prolific approach and to create true value for both the user and the business. Miri has shown consistency in delivering growth, enhancing brand equity, and boosting social media footprint for SMBs and global corporations. Her strong ability to conceptualize and execute e-commerce growth strategies lead to enhanced consumer experience and drive profit.


Miri aims to set a new standard for how cross-functional departments collaborate and work together; she believes in a round table process as the leading force of every company’s success, and to this end, she has skillfully adapted this philosophy to the organizations she worked with.


Born in Ukraine, raised in Israel and worked in the US, Miri is an agile and open-minded person. Outside of the office, she enjoys binge viewing a good crime series, she loves exploring new destinations or just relaxing in nature. Miri is on a quest of discovering the secret of parenting and how to guide her two kids to become good people.